As he leaned forward with an outstretched hand, his hulking mass towered over the small creature. Seemingly unafraid, it hopped onto his palm. Its ears were drawn slightly back in an unsure manner as it gently lifted its precious gift, an acorn to this horned god!


With an unusual gentleness not commonplace for a minotaur, Kaygar took the acorn and placed it in a pouch.


Kaygar decided this tiny fellow would become his companion whilst he continued his travels across the land. “You will see many wonderful sights, my new little friend”, he said.


With that, the squirrel jumped up on Kaygar’s shoulder. He picked up his staff and groaned briefly as he heaved his heavy old bulk up before continuing on his journey with his new friend.

A Moment Of Serenity

SKU: 0004
  • A Moment Of Serenity is a highly detailed 1/10 scale bust. 


    Concept by Luke Wilson

    Sculpted by  Peder Bartholdy

    Cast by BrokenToad

    Box art TBC