“So it’s immortality you want”?

“The cost is high”
“Come closer, bring the child to me”

“What will you do with her”?

“That is of no concern to you my dear”

Avian is old beyond her looks.

It is said she is over 200 years old

That she casts a spell to appear younger.
No matter the tales two things are for certain.

She isn’t human and she is not to be trusted.


Everything comes at a cost.. a high cost!

Avian The Forest Witch

SKU: 0003
  • Avian The Forest Witch is a highly detailed 1/10 scale bust.

    Concept art by luke fitzsimons - illustration
    Sculpted by stanislav che
    Cast by BrokenToad
    Box art by Luke Wilson
    Plinth Pete's Bases