“What’s that giggling?”

“Shh , she will hear us”

“She is beautiful, what is she?”


“You can come out, I know you are there I can hear you”

“Don’t be afraid little ones.”


The children came closer , mesmerised by the beautiful being that stood in front of them.

One plucked up the courage to speak:


“Wha..what..who are you? I’ve never seen anyone like you before.”


She giggled again. “I am Bliss, I am an elf!”


“An Elf? With wings?”     


“Yes, aren’t they magnificent?”


There are many strange beings that inhabit the realm, but the winged elven folk are among the rarest. A shy, private and peaceful race, they hardly ever allow themselves to be seen and, even more rarely, interact with other races.


SKU: 0006
  • Bliss is a highly detailed 1/9 scale bust

    Concept art by Zed and Luke Wilson
    Sculpted by Alastair Reid.
    Cast by BrokenToad
    Box art by TBC

    Please note:
    Shipping to commence 2nd week of April