The Baroness


Since the mysterious untimely death of her husband, the Baroness has lived in solitude, walking the halls of her castle overlooking the Napatu Forest.  Over time, she has become one of the stories parents in local villages tell their children, warning them not to venture into the grounds. One legend says that she has bargained for eternal youth and takes the children as a gift for the witch she has made a pact with that lurks in the forest. 

Others say she cavorts with the dead.

Some say that after the sun sets, you can hear unworldly animal noises coming from the castle.

Surely these are only stories designed to scare children at bedtime…?




The Baroness

SKU: 0005
  • The Baroness is a highly detailed 75mm full figure.

    Concept art by Christine Deschamps.
    Sculpted by Ali Jalali.
    Cast by BrokenToad
    Box art by TBC